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A peer-to-peer LoRa network directory & analyser - by team Ikonko


Because LoRa networks are fast, easy and cheap to set up and can provide a network of up to 10 square kilometers, our solution is an application that will allow people to find LoRa networks that are available in their area. Potential users are people without access to internet in rural/remot areas, and urban areas experiencing power outages.

User will be able to find public or free networks, return detailed information about available networks, and favourite networks for ease of connection in future. LoRa gateway providers can customise how their network appears to others by providing a human-readable name, they can privatise their network for possible monetisation in the future. They can update features should they upgrade their gateway device.

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Step 1 - Find a network

A user can type in a region name, the application finds networks that have the region name as a tag. This feature pulls data of registered LoRa networks from 'the things network' database.

Step 2 - Select a network

Public networks are open, while private networks are categorised separately as they may be password protected

Step 3 - Favourite a network

The network details will be bookmarked on a page in your application so that you can automatically connect to in future

Step 4 - Post about an existing network

If you are a LoRaWAN gateway provider or owner you can update details about your device, coverage and/or add comments for the public

Step 5 - Privatise your gateway

An additional feature for the future is monetisation of private networks so that network owners can allow potential users to pay for access to the network

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