Infinity Gauntlet Salad Tongs

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A set of Avengers salad tongs.
3 hour(s)
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Recently, my wife asked for a nice set of wooden salad tongs. That seemed easy enough, but as I tend to do, I went a little overboard.

The movie, Avengers: Infinity War came out recently, so I’m sure you’ve seen images of the Infinity Gauntlet, the powerful glove that Thanos wears in hopes of controlling the universe. Josh and I decided that not only should we make a simple set of salad tongs with traditional tools (see the tutorial), we should totally geek out and make a silly pair of Infinity Gauntlet Tongs on the laser cutter.

Video overview



Painting material


Laser cutter

Step 1 - Trace the Reference Image in Illustrator

Create the vector graphics for the Infinity Gauntlet in Adobe Illustrator. Find a reference image online and use the Magnetic Lasso tool to trace around key elements of the image. We wanted the glove to have a layered and 3d look, so he traced out the base shape of the glove and used other gauntlet elements as vertical accents.

Step 2 - Cut Using Lasers!

It is only fitting that we use the space-age-iest tool that we have to create the Infinity Gauntlet! The file is a mixture of cutting, engraving, and scoring, so be sure that all of the tiny pieces have the proper settings. Because we were making two halves for the tongs, we had to use most of an entire sheet of material to cut the mirrored sets of pieces.

30 min of cutting

Step 3 - Put the Pieces Together

Assembled the 3d gauntlet components together using glue to bond each layer.

Step 4 - Paint the Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet salad tongs were ready for a touch of paint. Of course, we wanted to control all the salad in the universe, so we had to add the Infinity Stones. We used some craft paints to color in the 3d stone shapes with their appropriate colors.

The maple that we used was already pre-finished, so this meant the silly version of the tongs were all done!

Step 5 - Now, To Find Some Salad!

This was a really fun project. We really wanted build something that showcased the idea that a project could be geared toward beginners with minimal workshop tools who need a practical thing, or it could be aimed at fanboys (or girls) with robot tools that want outrageous things.

Regardless of your skill set, workshop size, or tool inventory, you have the ability to turn an idea into a reality…even if you don’t possess the Reality Stone.

Notes and references

I made also a simple pair of salad tongs (see the tutorial on Wikifab).

Check out this tutorial and other things on