IKEA hack: TARVA Chest of 3 drawers in pine

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This is a hack of IKEA TARVA chest of 3 drawers in pine that you can easily replicate. We reveal the stepper and all equipment necessary for that Scandinavian inspired customization! The result is ultimately a good concentrate of what we like at the moment: copper, light wood, smooth texture and graphic forms. We follow you?
2 hour(s)
Decoration, Furniture
85 EUR (€)
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License : Attribution (CC BY)


There are some times we need a little cheap convenient to our room. After scouring second-hand shops nearby, we finally landed at IKEA dresser TARVA under the arm (or almost) and especially with customization of the Mind Maze. It is decided, we would do this small dresser in a nice pine furniture and sleek graphics to our apartment!


For furniture:

  • 1 masking tape for painting
  • white lacquer paint

For drawer handles:

  • 3 x copper tube diameter 15 mm length 41 cm
  • 6 x 90 ° bends in 15 mm diameter copper
  • 6 screws
  • 6 claw nuts about 14mm diameter (must be able to return in the elbows of 15mm diameter)

And above all: a TARVA Chest of 3 drawers (€59.90 at IKEA)


A hand sander (or sandpaper fine grain) gloves a ruler and pencil A small roll, a fine brush

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A wood saw
  • A meter

Step 1 - Remove handles

Remove the drawer handles with your screwdriver.

Step 2 - Draw diamonds

Scoring pencil every 7.5 cm on the long sides of each drawer. Then connect the dots on each other to show the diamonds.

Step 3 - Saw the traits

Sawing Saw on the lines a few millimeters thick.

You can help a good rule for sawing right at the beginning.

Step 4 - sand down

Then pinch the drawers and the parts to paint grain 120. We decided to paint the sides in more drawers, and leave the feet and the raw wood shelf.

Then suck out the whole and the part where you will paint, and have a last shot microfiber cloth to remove the last dust.

Step 5 - Paint

Delineate the edges with masking tape to paint to have good net paint strokes.

You can spend two satin white lacquer layers as if you want a slightly satin appearance.

The lacquer brings out the relief cutouts.

Step 6 - Screw the handles of the drawers

Screw the brass knobs. Each drawers: First screw one piece, then insert the tube into the nozzle screw and snap the second front end screw it.

Step 7 - Ta Da!

The diamond texture drawers was inspired Superfront us, this Swedish company that has had the brilliant idea to market finishes to "pimp" your IKEA furniture: feet, handles, doors, etc.

If you do not know their concept, it is time to find out! For handles, you should know that we love the copper and when the issue arose, we first thought of placing small elbows only to replace existing buttons. Then we still had tubes in stock and found that it was actually very convenient to have these bars to open the drawers!