How to use the Multimeter

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The household appliances in your home sometimes have a short circuit. Under the circumstances , you need to use a multimeter to detect it. So in the following, I’ll introduce to you  about the usage of the multimeter. I hope it can help you.



Step 1 - Before using the multimeter, perform "zero adjustment".

Step 2 - When there is no measured power, make the pointer of the multimeter point to the position of zero voltage or zero current.

Step 3 - The multimeter must be placed horizontally when used to avoid errors.

Step 4 - Do not touch the metal part of the test lead with your hands to ensure accurate measurement and personal safety.

Step 5 - When measuring a certain amount of electricity, especially for high voltage or large current, you cannot shift gears while measuring, otherwise the multimeter will be damaged.

Step 6 - If there is a need to shift gears, disconnect the test leads first and then shift gears for next measurement.

Step 7 - After the multimeter is used, set the transfer switch to the maximum block of AC voltage.

Step 8 - If the multimeter is not used for a long time, take out the battery inside the multimeter.

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