How to celebrate the birthday of children in isolation

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Does your child's birthday fall at this very time when all the children are at home in isolation? And you child asking how old am I today. Here are some ideas to make the day full of joy and celebrate at home.

Having a child who celebrates their birthday during this quarantine period due to the pandemic can be incredibly challenging.

This year it will not be possible to organise a full-fledged birthday party , full of friends and family of your little one, but it needs to be celebrated as your child has been counting days until birthday but as the new arrangements put in place obviously make it impossible to invite friends over.

After all, let us remember that your family's safety is the most important thing. Besides, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate a birthday at home that is still fun for the kids.

We have therefore collected some creative ideas to organise a memorable birthday party , even in isolation.

1. Organise a virtual birthday party with friends and family

Although our desire would be to be able to physically celebrate with the people we care about, you can call your child's friends and family through FaceTime, Whatsapp or Skype ! You can get in touch with grandparents and friends to sing "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake!

2. Have a family garden party

For example, you can set up a tent in your backyard - weather permitting, of course! Or set up an indoor curtain in the living room to play together, see a movie or a cartoon, complete with popcorn, stories and gifts!

3. Organise a virtual sleepover

With your smartphone or tablet, organize a video call between your child and a few friends for a virtual sleepover . Watch a movie all together and make the evening unique and fun.

4. Decorate the courtyard or garden

Decorate the garden with lots of creative ideas with colourful balloons, chalks or DIY crafts , to make your child's birthday special. Take photos and videos of these moments.

5. Set up a flash mob from the balcony

To surprise your child, send messages to the neighborhood and organize a choreography with songs and dances from the balconies with which to amaze the birthday boy .

6. Spend an afternoon with Disney attractions

Thanks to YouTube, families can visit some of Disney's most famous attractions right from the sofa!

7. Organize a treasure hunt

Children will have fun looking for little treasures around the house ! Hide some small birthday presents and prepare clues for the children to find them.

8. Plan a wellness day

Take all your face and body creams and do mini massages to make your baby's birthday even more special. A few cucumber slices can make all the difference!

9. Make a special cake

If your child wants a classic birthday cake or a special dessert, surprise him or bake a cake together!

10. Open and read the greeting cards together

Ask relatives and friends to send the birthday card a series of birthday cards , which you will then open one by one.



Step 1 - 1. Organise a virtual birthday party with friends and family

Step 2 - 2 Have a family garden party