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Nutridome is a collaboration between Siphiwe Ngwenya and Jessica Michelle Le Roux, the project set out to create a prototype of an affordable, hybrid hydroponic system which works off of an automated system which is connected to a smartphone application. The structure enables compact urban farming.

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Jessica Michelle Le Roux

Jessica Michelle Le Roux (b 1989) is a South African sculptor and interdisciplinary artist. She obtained her BA at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2010, majoring in sculpture and printed image. Her disciplines feed off of one another as Jess frequently crafts a relation between planes and the facets within the environments she creates.

Iconic of the artist's work is her use of negative space, how the beings depicted are grounded, and her vibrant use of textures and colours across disciplines. Her work queries preconceived world views and highlights the consequence of the butterfly effect. In doing so, Jess seeks to bring awareness to our generational perspectives, thought patterns, and our collective impact in the world.

Jess's work resides in corporate and private collections, both locally and internationally. In February 2020, Jess was delighted to showcase with AVA Gallery at Investec Cape Town Art Fair. The artist's work has featured in Sasol New Signatures, Thami Mnyele, and Absa L'Ateliers Art Awards finalist selections. Currently, Jess is working towards a body of work in bronze titled the Senses, which will showcase in 2021. Aside from her art practice, Jess is actively involved in projects and arts initiatives.

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Group-JDS Group Nutridome FINAL FINAL.jpg


===== The prototype considers SDG 11 and speaks to being self efficient in urban environments by enabling urban living with with the ability and ease of use and use of a 'smart vegetable garden. The idea is for the user to self sustain their families through the use of a compact hybrid hydroponic greenhouse structure which produces high yields, provides nutritious foods and reduces transportation of food produce. =====

The Nutridome hybrid hydroponic garden will enable:

Hydroponic connection

Dome Prototype

LED Hydroponic Lighting connection

LED Lighting and Hydroponic pump system prototype

Controller and lighting for hydroponic system
LED Hydroponic Lighting connection
LED Hydroponic Lighting connection

Dome Mock Setting / Over layer as removable structure provided with kit for controlled environments.

Hydroponic Nutripod Mock Setting

Siphiwe has a background in XXX

Jessica Michelle Le Roux is an interdisciplinary visual artist with great interest in environmental concerns and uses her practice to drive mindfulness within our interactions and actions within society.

Siphiwe Ngwenya - 081 590 8833