Connected weather station 9-11 activities

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In this activity, participants will set up their weather station, sent it up in the air, and monitor the recordings (light, temperature, humidity) in real time via the Blynk app.
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Step 1 - Setting up the weather station

Follow the instructions on page 1-4 on tutorial

Step 2 - Monitoring the values recorded by the station via Blynk

Follow the instructions on page 4-8 on this tutorial.

Step 3 - Setting up the flying station

In order to send your weather station up in the air, first of all you ll need to engineer a system similar to that of a hot air balloon.

Create a case to accommodate the weather station. This can be made of cardboard or any other material, as long as the weight is not too significant. Beware that helium balloons can only lift very light masses.

Once you've secured the weather station to the case, attach the former to the helium balloons. You may need to use multiple balloons in order to be able to lift the weather station off the ground.

Don’t forget to tie some nylon wire to the flying system so that you ll be able to take it back to the ground at any time.

Watch the flying station in action on youtube. Be prepared to stuff some stroke medicine.

Notes and references

List of parts

1x ESP32 weather station

1x helium bottle

1x nylon wire bobbin

several inflatable balloons.