Collar with a small copper tube

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A simple collar made of a small copper tube
40 minute(s)
Clothing & Accessories
10 EUR (€)
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  • A white waxed cotton cord
  • A clasp and two cable wire ends 9 mm
  • A 18 cm copper tube of 3 mm diameter


  • A pipe cutter pliers
  • A collet

Step 1 - Cut the small copper tubes

Cut the copper tube 3 cm in length with a pipe cutter pliers

Step 2 - Cut the cord and slide in the tubes

Cut 80 cm white cord, inserting the first tube equidistant from each end of the cord.

Insert the second tube on one side of the cord and thread the other end of the cord on the other side of the tube. Repeat with the other tubes.

Step 3 - Place the caps and clasp

Place both greenhouse wire ferrules to the ends of the cord, the back a little on himself to give more thickness and squeeze him hard with the pliers. Open the clasp with the clamp and to slide one of two ferrules.

Step 4 - Ta Da!

Well done! Share pictures of your collar on Wikifab. We would love to see what you have make from that simple tutorial.