Cardboard Cable Car Model With Recycled Materials, Working Model 250rpm Electric Motor and Basic Slide Switch ON-OFF-ON (School Science Project)

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You can show this cardboard model as an enjoyable school project. At the same time learn the working principle of a cable car by building it.

Video overview


• 1pcs 25*35cm 5mm Cardboard for project Ground

• 8pcs popsicle stick (15cm)

• 2pcs Plastic Pulley Wheel (Recycled from old CD/DVD burner)

• 1pcs DC BO Motor (6V)

• 7x4x3cm cardboard Block (Stacked 6pcs 4*7cm cardboard)

• Plastic Bottle Cap

• 4pcs Match

• 1pcs Battery Holder

• 1pcs DPDT On-Off-On Slide Switch

• Passengers (Optional)

• Nylon yarn

• 1pcs thin nail


• soldering iron

• Cutter

• Glue

Step 1 - Mounting Pulley Wheel on Motor Shaft

You can check all steps on video briefly or follow below steps.

• Mount plastic pulley wheel onto DC motor shaft and glue on it.

Step 2 - Glue Popsicle Stick for Pulley Holder

Glue the popsicle sticks on top of each other.

1 set of 4 sticks will be glued on top of each other.

2 sets of 2 sticks will be glued on top of each other.

Step 3 - Plastic Pulley Wheel Holder Assembly

Glue the popsicle sticks together in the form of a slingshot, keeping the group of 4 in the middle.

Step 4 - Drill a Hole on Slingshot

Drill a hole on slingshot shaped holder for plastic pulley.

Step 5 - Mount Plastic Pulley on Slingshot

Mount plastic pulley wheel with a nail between slingshot arms.

Step 6 - Motor Base

Glue cardboard block onto base left side.

Step 7 - Motor Assembly

Glue 250rpm 3-6V DC motor onto cardboard block.

Step 8 - Pulley Holder Mount

Glue pulley holder slingshot onto plastic bottle cap to increase height.

Glue pulley holder slingshot onto right side of base.

Step 9 - Thread Tension Control

Knot the rubber band and cut it.

Step 10 - Attach Tension Control Onto Yarn

Tie the rubber band together with nylon thread.

Step 11 - Attach the Cable

Tie the yarn between the pulleys by adjusting the tension with the rubber band.

Step 12 - Soldering System

Solder the wires onto the 6 pin slide switch for forward and reverse movement.

Step 13 - Motor Soldering

Solder the cables coming from the middle pins of the slide switch to the motor pins.

Step 14 - Battery Attachment

Solder the cables from the other ends to the pins on the battery holder.

Step 15 - Cable Car Cabin Assembly

Cut away 4pcs Match heads.

Prepare 2pcs 4x3cm 3mm cardboard and glue Matches on the corners.

Don't forget the Passengers

Step 16 - Cut Cabin Hanger 30º Angled

Cut ~30º Angle Holder for Cable Car Container

Step 17 - Glue Hanger

Glue the angled cabin hanger onto the cabin

Step 18 - Attach the cabinet to the rope

Attach the cabinet to the rope