Can I Ace CCIE Exam by Self-study

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I don’t agree with the current hype on the Internet. They say that there are too many people who have passed the CCIE certification. Don’t pretend if you don’t understand.
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I don’t agree with the current hype on the Internet. They say that there are too many people who have passed the CCIE certification. Don’t pretend if you don’t understand. CCIE certification is one of Cisco’s top certifications. If there are too many certificate holders, how can it be called a top certification? First of all, if you want to pass the CCIE certification, it is generally difficult to pass it if you only rely on self-study.



Step 1 - Things to know about CCIE self-study

If you want to ask which certificate has the best gold content, it is of course the CCIE certification or JNCIE certification from Cisco or Juniper. If you think that there are too many CCIEs nowadays, if you want to be useful, then go take a JNCIP or JNCIE. After all, we need knowledge. The result of learning these certificates is to make you useful, not just this certificate. it works.

Some people ask whether the current certificates are still useful? I actually answered this question just now. Certification is useful, but only if you really understand it, not just buying a certificate. This certificate is not the same as a university diploma. It requires you to be able to work. The current situation in the industry is difficult because there are too many people looking for a job with a certificate. They actually don’t understand anything, and they are also very good at companies. No value, of course they don't want you. As for the concept of understanding, you can probably say that as long as you give you the equipment, you can adjust it, and you can solve the problem if it fails. This is called understanding, and it depends on your hands-on practice. You should set aside a few months to prepare for the exam, and work steadily to learn, which will help your future.

Learning is lifelong. You have to distinguish clearly between the training based on textual research and the training based on learning technology. It's like taking a four-level certificate and learning spoken English, each taking what you need is very different.

You need to carefully compare the learning syllabus, field visits, and understanding in many aspects, and you will know that the real professional knowledge is not everywhere. Network professional technical training services are provided. CCIE training courses include: multi-layer switching structure, large-scale deployment of routing protocols., Internet architecture composition, IP service quality and traffic management, cross-domain multicast services, IPv6, MPLS architecture and applications, etc. Ordinary learning institutions do not have the real strength to train and operate the core backbone network. They have very different levels of understanding of the same technology. High-pressure operations under the production network involve the required professional qualities, and the mentality of learning is simple. What you can’t understand by learning is that you need to go through a lot of actual combat and accumulation, and ITAA is to accelerate your process, so that you can reach the height that can only be achieved by accumulation of several 10 years, and lay a solid foundation in half a year to a year. 2 -3 years to establish a solid knowledge structure.

The definition of zero-based learning of network technology means that you have not studied or operated network equipment before. A general university’s study can complete the four-level IPA course content and implement the corresponding 2000-hour study plan to achieve a systematic Master the knowledge of network architecture. If you use your spare time to study during college, you can finish it in about 2-3 years. If you are dedicated to studying, you can finish it in 6-8 months if you work hard enough to lay a solid foundation. After that, you can gradually strengthen all aspects of technology according to the needs of the work. In general, the learning and upgrading of technology has never stopped for the senior engineering who has been in the industry for decades, but one is enough to support your entry into the industry. Or a solid foundation to start is indispensable.

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