Adjustable Temperature Control Cheap T12 Soldering Iron

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Author avatarTony Cheung | Last edit 11/07/2021 by Tonycheunghkg

I love my T12 Hakko Clone Soldering iron. It's cost effective and usefull. This weekend I decided to make a cheaper clone version.First of all, I did a preliminary research on the internet and listed the most economical components that I could use.


1. Plastic Enclosure

This project box only 3.- USD and its very useful structure for lab bench application. link

2. Power Supply

I've used old notebook power suppy 20V 3.25A. link

I recommended tou you swap-meet(FleaMarket) or your personal scrap-box ;)

3.Power Plug

Standart IEC14 Chasis Mount.

4. Rocker Power Switch w/light.

5. Standart 16x2(16Charx2Row) datasheet

6. Double Sided PCB GERBER + BOM LIST + Arduino Software link

7. Plastic Knob or print its up to U.

8. 3D Printed Front and Back Panel on Thingiverse link

9. Encoder EC-11

10. GX12-5 MIC Avionics Connector.



Step 1 - Parts Introduction

Step 2 - Power Side Assembly

Step 3 - Controller Side Assembly PCBA

Step 4 - Connector & Encoder Assembly