8 Trendy Hair Colours for Summer 2021

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8 Trendy Hair Colours for Summer 2021


After the dark colours of winter and fall, it's time to step out of the cold hues and try your hands on bright, summer-ready shades. With the global pandemic finally subsiding, this summer will be extra special. So to get yourself ready for a fun and exciting summer, check out these trending hair colours for this summer.

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Trending Hair Colours for summer

Here are the top 8 hair colours you need to rock in summer 2021:

1. Soft Blond

Summer hair colours are not complete without mentioning blond shades. But, instead of a flashy blonde, go for a soft blond this summer. This shade has a slight platinum tinge to it and goes well with light skin.

On your salon visit, ask for a warm, platinum blonde to get this shade. Also, make sure you instruct your stylist not to make it look too faded. The colour should be considerably warm without seeming too flashy.

2. Mix & Match Shades

If one shade sounds too boring for a fun summer, experiment with the colours and opt for a dual shade. One of the current summer trends for dual shade is to blend platinum blonde roots into brown strands.

You are free to choose the length you want to allot to each shade. Since Australia experiences humid summers, you will probably prefer to avoid curls, especially if you have loose curls.

3. Soft Ombre

If you are looking for a chic hair colour change that makes you stand out without forcing your hair through a significant makeover, then a soft ombre is great. The smooth transition will give your hair a dreamy appeal. Since the sunlight in summers is already too bright, soft hair colour will suit you better. Soft ombre is perfect for brunettes too. They can enjoy a warm hair colour without going all blonde.

4. Blush Pink

The pandemic suddenly pushed the popularity of pink hair dyes to a whole new level. With workplaces opening back, you can still enjoy pink hair without standing out like a college rockstar. Instead of a full-fledged, dark pink dye, opt for a blush shade.

The colour can slightly vary from rose to coral, but the aim is to create a subtle hint of pink throughout your tresses. This colour will look best on blonde hair. If you want to try pink dye on brown hair, you should try getting pink baby lights.

5. Classy Golden Locks

If you want to enjoy a classic summer hair colour, golden blonde will always be the number choice. Opt for bright golden blonde tresses that match the golden hue of sunlight in summers.

You can also jazz it up a little by mixing it with dark roots that smoothly transitions into the bright and warm golden locks. Style your freshly dyed golden locks into loose beach waves to turn on the carefree summer vibe a notch high.

6. Dazzling Copper

If you are planning to turn a few heads as you walk down the streets, you need to stand out from the countless blondes with a bright and dazzling copper hairstyle. Reds have been trending for quite some time now, and each variation and shade of red will be a huge hit in 2021.

It looks good on every skin tone that has a yellow undertone. You can also get your hair glazed post dye to retain the colour longer. After all, shades of red are known to fade away quickly.

7. Warm Babylights for Curls

Dying curls is quite a challenge. Since each of the curl strands exists in clumps, transitioning the shades across the entire length is difficult, Hence if you want to jazz up your voluminous curls without being too obvious about it, then go for warm tone babylights.

This includes variations of blondes, copper and even platinum. These shades will add a new dimension to your hairstyle without blurring the natural texture of curls.



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