Tips for Safely Practicing Gua Sha at Home

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Tips for Safely Practicing Gua Sha at Home morealis-jade-roller-face-massager-roller-stone-real-quartz-rose-gua-sha-tool-3 280x280.jpg
Asian Beauty Secrets has been keeping Asian skin youthful for centuries, but now the secrets are coming to the West! Gua Sha tools are made of jade or roso quart to massage gently against your skin. The innovation here is that the Jade or Rose Quartz is super smooth, making it easy for anyone to glide over face effortlessly. Gua sha can be used safely over your entire face, including lips, even on sensitive skin, making it one of the most effective ways to improve skin quality at home. Aimed specifically at home users who want a simple and effective way to improve their skin at home


Under the supervision of a licensed practitioner, Gua Sha may be used as a complementary therapy to ease symptoms of allergies, inflammation, cancer and pain-related disorders. Generally performed on the back of the body, Gua Sha involves dragging a smooth, rounded object across the skin over a targeted area in an effort to stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost blood flow beneath the skin. Several people practice Gua Sha at home for therapeutic purposes without proper training or supervision by using items such as coins, credit cards or other flat objects to create superficial cuts and scrapes.

Step 1 - First Step: Picking The Right Tool for You

Before we start, we need to choose a good gua sha tool, which can work wonders for your body. The selection of gua sha tools is extensive, allowing one to choose the level of pressure that best suits their needs. The two most common gua sha tools are the Chinese gua sha stick and the Chinese gua sha stone. To determine which is the right gua sha tool for you, consider your preference of level of pain and personal size and strength.

For beginners we suggest you this basic starter kit-gua sha and roller set. If you're looking for an affordable, long-lasting stone that allows you to create smooth skin for days after having a gua sha treatment, then this is the stone for you. You can now perform at-home gua sha therapy with this pocket-sized tool set!

Step 2 - Second Step : Moisturizing Is the Key

Before you begin your gua sha treatment you must first prepare the skin for treatment. To obtain optimum results, begin with a clean dry skin on your face or body. You must clean the skin very well before any treatment is done on your skin. Remove impurities from the skin before Moisturizing. The Lelo Luna Beads Noir cleanser is a balm which aims to gently remove sebum and dead skin cells prior to Gua sha therapy. The balm removes dirt and excess oil from the skin, enhancing its effectivness.

Step 3 - Gua Sha Technique

Guasha is the ancient Chinese art of healing by scraping. This treatment can be done on all parts of the body, but certain areas will require different pressure.

Pressing stone randomly recommended when it Gua Sha Therapy near me. Instead, certain areas different pressure. Some treatment areas will require less pressure and others will require more, depending on the thickness and elasticity of the skin. For thick or elastic skin, use slight pressure and rub slowly. For thin and fragile skin, apply moderate pressure and rub faster. Avoid over applying pressure to prevent injury.

Step 4 - Should i wash my face after Gua Sha

No, you do not have to wash your face after gua sha. Having gua sha is actually better than cleansing your face because cleansing your face will remove the natural oils on our skin and make it more oily. During gua sha, the natural oils in the skin will be pushed to the surface of our skin which will make our skin shiny and soft without washing it.

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