SolarOSE - Guide 4: Skeleton of the receiver

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This is the second tutorial for building the solar concentrator of Open Source Ecologie (French branch of Open Source Ecology). Here we are going to build the mirror facets.
3 hour(s)
100 EUR (€)
License : Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)



Step 1 - Main beam

Cut the 30x30x2300 mm square tube. Drill the fixation holes of the tepee. Drill and tap at 5 mm diameter the fixation holes of the junction.

Step 2 - Lateral 'L' profiles

Cut two L profiles 30x60 mm, thick of 3 mm and long of 2100 mm.

Drill and tap the fixation holes of the exterior cover, screw with a diameter 4 mm.

Drill the fixation holes at the junction, as depicted in the 3D model. Improvement: drill 2 holes on the side and none on the bottom of the L.

Weld a flat at each edge of the L (for the fixation on the “tepee”…).

Step 3 - Junction of the main beam and the lateral L profiles

Cut, drill, weld according to the 3D model.

Step 4 - Hanger

Print the 10 hangers at the cutting laser. The material used is a wood board (for example laminated structural wood) with a thickness of 10 mm.

Cut shapes of 2 hangers (with a cutting laser or manually), without emptying them. They are needed for the secondary reflector in order to close the receiver on its edges.

Link to the file for printing!