Repair Cafe'

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Repair cafe intends to repair broken electronic appliances of the public, these appliances may range from phones, radios, television and solar pannels
2 hour(s)
Electronics, Machines & Tools, Science & Biology
50 USD ($)
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This event shall involve hands on use of tools on repairing the broken appliances, the ASKotec materials and tools shall come handy in this event, the people who have their appliances broken shall see the repair process and this intended to teach them with the skill of self repairing their gadgets next time, and finally a documentation of the event on Wikifab.


  • soldering wire
  • wires
  • soletape
  • masking tape
  • internet
  • pens and notebooks (Documentation)


  • soldering gun
  • Askotec kit
  • hands
  • camera
  • computer/laptop

Step 1 - Team setup

  • information/mobilization team
  • reapir/experts team
  • documentation team
  • reception team
  • tools and security
  • social media team

Step 2 - Space setup(Repiar/maker space)

  • arrange the space according to their positions
  • Reception team near the door /entry
  • documentation team far away in the corner
  • repair team in the centre and edges of the room
  • place stickers on the desks for identification

Step 3 - Registration Process

  • registering devices under the owners name
  • tagging devices with sticky notes and numbers
  • sorting of devices that can be repaired and that cant be repaired

Step 4 - repair process

  • devices are repaired in individual locations
  • phones, TVs and radios are all repaired in different tables as per the technician available

Step 5 - education

  • people are taught how to repair their own appliances
  • participants are used in co developing solutions to the problems of their broken devices

Step 6 - Documentation

  • Camera, success stories or feed backs.
  • Github , Wikifab and Fill up photos
  • Summary of the day (Data collection).
  • Number of the devices repaired (33)
  • Number of the devices repaired successfully (22)
  • Number of the devices failed to succeed(11)

Total Category

  1. Phones
  2. Radios
  3. Torch/ Lamp
  4. TVs

By the end of the day around 67% were repaired.

Step 7 - Social Media

This runs around the whole training but at last the updates of the day need to go different platforms.