Make Collaborative Playlists on Spotify

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This is a tutorial on how to make Spotify collaborative playlist.



Step 1 - How to Create a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify on Desktop

Step 1. In the left panel, right-click a playlist you wish to open.

Step 2. Select 'Collaborative Playlist'.

Step 3. Right-click on the playlist again, then scroll down to 'Share'.

Step 4. Choose 'Copy Playlist Link' then send it to your friends.

Step 2 - How to Create Collaborative Playlists on Spotify on Mobile and Tablet

Step 1. Tap 'Your Library' > 'Playlists' and select one you want to make Collaborative.

Step 2. Tap  in the top-right corner > 'Make Collaborative'

Step 3. Choose the top-right corner again

Step 4. Choose 'Copy Link', then distribute to your friends.

Note: This Collaborative Playlists feature isn't available on mobile unless you have a Premium account.

See also: Spotify Free VS Premium

Step 3 - Download Spotify Songs for Offline Listening without Premium

If you want to download and back up Spotify playlists for personal use, but you do not have a Spotify Premium account, you can try Spotify music downloader. Navigate to the TunesKit Spotify Music Converter free (Mac or Windows), select the 'Download' option to install the Spotify converter. Let's go to download Spotify music for free with it.

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