Desk lamp in wood and concrete

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While leafing through decoration magazines, I came up with the idea of that simple desk lamp made of wood and concrete. Is this a good introduction to you?


  • Concrete
  • Woods


  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Light

Step 1 - Take measures

Put a mark on the batten, to cut it in 2 battens of 44cm length

Step 2 - cut the battens

Cut the battens !

For better design, you can cut the top batten with a little slant on the top end.

Step 3 - mark position of the holes

Mark the position of the holes.

We need :

  • one hole in each batten to fix them with screw
  • some holes to pass the cable
  • one holes at the bottom, which will be within the concrete

Step 4 - Drill the holes

Get your drill in action !

Step 5 - cut the screw

Cut the screw at good size : to pass throw the 2 battens plus the nuts

Step 6 - Add iron wire

pass an iron wire into the bottom holes, and do a structure with it to get a good link between the wood and the concrete.

Step 7 - prepare the mould

Prepare a box for the mould, and fix the batten in it with a screw.This screw will be removed after the concrete get solid.

Step 8 - prepare the concrete

Step 9 - Cast the concrete

Tap the box to remove air bubbles, and let the concrete get solid.

Step 10 - Sand the concrete

Once the concrete is solid, sand it to get beautiful surface

Step 11 - assemble the light

screw the battens together

Step 12 - get the power

pass the electric cable throw the holes

Step 13 - add the bulb

Add the bulb the finish your desk lamp