Blindspot Alert

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Team MILE is tackling SDG11, making cities inclusive,safe,resilient and sustainable, we are providing a simple innovative solution to help reduce accidents and the number of pedestrians that get hit by cars from blindspots.
2 day(s)
Transport & Mobility
13.80 USD ($)



Step 1 - Brainstorming

In this First Step, we discussed different approaches to building a blind spot alert that works perfectly in situations where people cab get hit by a car and where accidents occur.

Step 2 - Design

In the second step, we came up with sketches, designs and prototype.

For our prototype, we made use of electronic components such as LED, Buzzer,Battery, solar panel, wires and sensors in order to detect a car coming from a blindspot.

We also made use of cardboxes to design the exact scenario of someone getting hit and occuring accidents.

Step 3 - Implentation

In this step : 1. We implemented the design of the blinspot alert.

2. We also made use of the car.

3. Painted the whole cardbox and car.

Notes and references

List of parts :


- Wall

-Solar panel

Altrasonic Sensor



- Battery

-Arduino Nano

2. Tools

- Hot glue gun

- Soldering Iron


3. Material

- Cradboard

- Super Glue

- Glue Stick

- Spray paint

4. Electronics

- Battery

- Wires

- Solar Panel

- Buzzer


- Battery Holder

- Geared Motor