Turn signal biking jacket

Author avatarLeah Buechley | Last edit 9/12/2019 by Clementflipo

Turn signal biking jacket Biking-jacket.jpg
This tutorial will show you how to build a jacket with turn signals that will let people know where you're headed when you're on your bike. We'll use conductive thread and sewable electronics so your jacket will be soft and wearable and washable when you're done. Enjoy!

Step 1 - Design

Step 2 - Important note about the power supply

Step 3 - Transfer the sketch to your garment

Step 4 - Preparation before sewing

Step 5 - Sew your power supply and LilyPad to your jacket

Step 6 - Sew the + petal of your LilyPad down

Step 7 - Put fabric glue on each of your knots

Step 8 - Test your stitching

Step 9 - Sew on your turn signal LEDs

Step 10 - Test your turn signals

Step 11 - Place your control switches

Step 12 - Sew in your switches

Step 13 - Sew a single LED onto the sleeve of each arm

Step 14 - Program your jacket

Step 15 - Go biking