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{{Tuto Step
{{Tuto Step
|Step_Title=<translate>The Use of the Climate Impact Rating Task ( CIR ) Score</translate>
|Step_Title=<translate><!--T:11--> The Use of the Climate Impact Rating Task ( CIR ) Score</translate>
|Step_Content=<translate>The CIR Score</translate>
|Step_Content=<translate><!--T:12--> The CIR Score</translate>

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Team Ace is working towards achieving SDG 9 & 13 with an ingenious solution to tackle the problem of the ever-increasing carbon footprint of individuals.
1 hour(s)
Electronics, Energy, Recycling & Upcycling, Science & Biology
1000 GBP (£)
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The carbon legacy of our fossil fuel-based lifestyles is bequeathing a climate crisis to billions of people in the future. With rising sea levels, excessive heat waves, shrinking glaciers and an increase in heavy precipitation, urgent action needs to be taken to ensure this problem is not exacerbated.

People can be encouraged to take better actions for  the environment when they are aware of the impact each of their actions have, and when they know the better alternatives they should take.

Video overview



Step 1 - Estimating User's Carbon Footprint.

Upon sign up to the ACE app, the user is asked to provide information detailing their location, estimates of gas, fuel, electricity per month. These values are used to approximate the tonnes of carbon and other CFCs emitted by the user.

Step 2 - Generation of Climate Impact Rating Task

Based on the data provided by users during the sign-up process, further research and analysis, ACE generates a list of Climate Impact Rating Task users can undertake for come points.

Step 3 - The Climate Impact Rating Task and Score system

ACE runs a Climate Impact Rating Task and Score system. This is a system that scores users for performing CIR Task. So upon the completion of a task, users are awarded. After providing users an estimate of their carbon footprint, ACE generates a Climate Impact Rating Task ( CIR ) list. This list contains eco friendly tasks users must undertake to help the environment. Upon completing the tasks, the user gets a CIR score. The CIR Score is a reward system that rewards users for undertaking Climate friendly activities.

Step 4 - The Use of the Climate Impact Rating Task ( CIR ) Score

The CIR Score