SunZilla - Setup manual

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Sunzilla Assembly 03.png
This is the Sunzilla 3.0 assembly manual with Safety Instructions. This manual explains how to commission and decommission the SunZilla 3.0. and includes imporant safety information. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE SUNZILLA 3.0 UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THIS MANUAL!


Technical details:

  • Solar peak Power: 140W
  • Maximum AC-output of pure sinus inverter: 350W (700W peakload)
  • Effectiv battery storage: 600 Wh


Get the three boxes : 1. The left one (A) is the battery box 2. The mid- dle one (B) the solar box 3. The right one (C) the socket box

Open the solar module box, and get the solar cells, the cables, the aluminium profiles and the 8 screws outside.


Step 1 - Connect the three boxes

Press the cable inside when both white points match and turn the blue top unit of the cable to lock.

Step 2 - Close the solar module box

Close the solar module box, put the two long aluminium profiles in their holes. Open slightly the box and insert two screws to lock the profiles. Choose the same holes in the middle and be sure to do the same on both sides.

Step 3 - Insert the aluminium profiles

Take the shorter aluminium profiles, insert them as shown on the pic and lock them.

Step 4 - Pull down the elastic bands

Step 5 -

Take the solar cells. Unfold them and shift the aluminium edges at all four sides

Step 6 -

Take the upper part of the solar module and connect the whole solar module with the upper aluminium profile. Be sure that the solar module is on the left side of the aluminium profile. Connect also the lower part.

Step 7 -

Connect the cables from the solar cells to the solar module box.

Step 8 - Switch on battery box

Switch on battery box. Green light should turn on

Step 9 - Switch on socket box

Switch on socket box. Green light should turn on

Step 10 - Plug in consumer

Step 11 - Dismanteling


At Dismanteling, you MUST follow the right order of these steps, otherwise you could be hurt.

Step 12 - Switch off Socket Box if switched on

Switch off Socket Box if switched on

Step 13 - Turn Solar Panels out of sun

Turn Solar Panels out of sun and cover at least one Solar-Panel (for exam- ple with Pullover)

Step 14 - Disconnect Solar-Connectors

Step 15 - Switch off Battery box

Step 16 - Unplug / detach orange cables

Step 17 - Switch on Socket box again

Switch on Socket box again until green light is off (to discharge local en- ergy storage), then switch OFF again!