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Modular box: minimalist weather station and jukebox with Arduino
100 hour(s)
Art, Decoration, Electronics, Music & Sound
50 EUR (€)
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This modular box is a 3-tier set. Once on, it provides basic weather station information (temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure) but becomes a "Mood box", here a jukebox actually, when properly activated.


This project is a group project (FaB team) carried out during a French hybrid training program called "Fabrication numérique" (CNC machining and fabrication) - class of 2018, July.

This final group project involves some of the know-how acquired during the training program and seals the deal. It is complementary with the "Bentolux" project which should be documented and referenced soon on

Instructions for the project were:

  • create a new tier to the box designed and developed during the course of the training program (3 available tiers: 1 base, 1 in Plexiglas, 1 for LCD screen);
  • use newly acquired knowledge for this new tier: 3D printing, laser cutting, etc.;
  • program with Arduino at least one user interaction (free choice).

Overall specifications

After some thought our group decided to create a musical tier - we called it "Mood box" - to complement the weather station using the base-tier and the LCD-tier.

Expected behavior is described here below.

Starting the box

When properly plugged in, the box can be started by using the switch on the front.

Starting the box triggers the following events:

  • figurine set on top spins on its stand;
  • LED-ring light effect shows through the figurine's translucent stand;
  • LCD screen displays a welcome message.

If no other action is made right away, the box goes in "sleep mode".

In "sleep mode", temperature and humidity are displayed with a custom message on LCD screen.

These custom messages as well as the color set for both the LED-ring and LCD screen depend on current temperature:

  • LCD and LED-ring color varies from blue to red when temperature rises;
  • LED-ring sparkles at a random frequency to add some animation;
  • custom message is displayed on LCD screen according to the temperature range currently reading.

Mood box activation and functionalities

La Mood Box est activée lorsque l'utilisateur appuie sur la barre de laiton située au sommet de la boîte (cette barre est une extension de la touche capacitive installée à l'intérieur de la boîte).

Cette activation est accompagnée d'une animation conjointe de la figurine, de l'anneau de LEDs et de l'écran LCD.

If no other tap is made within 5 seconds following activation, Mood box is deactivated and goes back into sleep mode.
Un nouvel appui déclenche le mode lecture.Un nouvel appui déclenche le mode lecture.



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