DIY Solar Charger

Author avatarDawa Edina Hillary | Last edit 4/07/2023 by Walthierer

DIY Solar Charger IMG 20181206 122839.jpg


·        Solar panel of (10v) optional

·        Diode

·        Resistors

·        Regulator(5MA-20AM)

·        Capacitors of (10-100)

·        LED light of(2v or 3v)

·        Jumper wire

·        Circuit board

·        Bread board


·        Wires(red and black)

·        Soldering iron

·        Soldering wire

·        Soldering grease

·        Helping hand

·        Sucker

·        Scissor

·        Multimeter

·        LED tester

Step 1 - Drawing

Draw the diagram of the charger

Step 2 - Asknet Box

1.      Open the Aksnet kit and get the tools and materials to use

Step 3 - Tools and materials

Identify the tools and materials

Step 4 - Tools and materials arrangement

Arranged the materials and the tools

Step 5 - Solar voltage

1.      Find the total voltage of the solar panel

Step 6 - LED

1.      Test the LED light voltage

Step 7 - Calculations

1.      Calculate the Resistance

Step 8 - Bread board

1.      Get the bread board and place it at the helping hand

Step 9 - Input wires

1.      Fix a positive (+wire red in color) and negative (-wire black in color) for input source (power)

Step 10 - Diode

Fix the diode

Step 11 - Positive wire to the diode

Fix a positive wire from the input source (+wire) to the diode

Step 12 - Resistor

Fix the resistors in positive side of the diode and have to be in series for easy calculation

Step 13 - LED light

Fix the LED light to positive side of the resistors

Step 14 - Regulator

Fix the regulator where the black side need to face your side

Step 15 - Small Capacitor

Fix the small capacitor