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Coupe menstruelle - Cup en 3D Capture d e cran 2018-09-12 a 13.20.10.png
Menstrual cup ready to print
2 hour(s)
Health & Wellbeing
5 EUR (€)
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License : Attribution (CC BY)


TPU/TPE filament (bio compatible)


3D printer

Step 1 - Know the project

The goal is to have a fast and healthy printing process to avoid a silicone mold (not everyone has the ability to buy this material and does not have access to a vacuum chamber)and to allow a faster and more personalized production.

This model (available on Thingiverse in the files section) would allow to personalize the size directly, and the shape for those who have specific pathologies (low cervix ,vaginism)or allergies (we could thus change material for those allergic to silicone, the medical TPU being the most appropriate)
This would allow people who do not have access to sanitary protection (or who manufacture it with on-board equipment) to go to school, work and avoid infections that can cost them their lives. And also to make significant savings (between 5-8€ /month, pink tax etc.)
I hope that if this works, some companies will be able to send filament to fablabs and other third parties to manufacture them.

This can also be the subject of discussions/discovery workshops around the female body.

I know that this problem is often accompanied by the problem of accessibility to toilets.

I invite you to watch this video and learn about projects such as Clean Your Cup.



I leave you articles on the accessibility of hygiene protection in some countries and on the rules in general, as well as interesting articles on the materials I thought I would use.

I invite you to read about it in order to get your own idea of the project. Feel free if you have any feedback or interesting articles to report to me. (in English, French or another language)