Choosing the Right Smart Glass for Any Project

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A tutorial on how to choose the right smart glass for any project.
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There are several things to consider when choosing the right smart glass for your next project. With these few steps, you can succeed with any kind of smart glass project.


Smart Glass

Smart Film


Step 1 - Find Reliable Products

The first thing to consider when thinking about adopting this revolutionizing glass technology is to look for a reliable product to use. Do you need smart glass or smart film? There is a difference between the two products. It is important that people who want to invest in switchable technology know the differences. This way they can be confident that they have the appropriate and best value solution for their application. The basic difference is that smart film is retrofit, customized, and can be installed in minutes.

Step 2 - Consider Your Budget

Of course, it is very important to consider your budget when choosing the switchable technology product to use. Does your project need new installations? Then choose a smart glass product. If it needs just an addition of privacy glass, then smart film can be the solution since this can be applied to an existing glass panel.

Step 3 - Customer Support and Access to Latest Tech

After settling for a smart glass provider, it is important to know whether the provider has after sales customer support. It is also in your best interest to know whether you have access to the latest technology from the provider since this is a relatively new technology in the glass industry.

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