5 Tips to Get the Fastest Cooling from Your Car's Air Conditioner This Summer

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5 Tips to Get the Fastest Cooling from Your Car's Air Conditioner This Summer


Summer is about to hit Perth, it’s high time that you prepare yourself and your car to deal with our scorching West Australian summer heat. The air conditioner (AC) in your car is the only saviour that protects us from the blazing sun while we commute to work or run errands.  Our expert mechanics in Canning Vale have put down their favourite tips that will help you get the most of your car’s AC to achieve its maximum cooling.

Remember before you head out with your car this summer make sure you get its seasonal service done for a smooth run throughout the season. AME Automotive offers an extensive range of car air conditioning services including a car aircon regas service. With their trained experts and industry experience, AME Automotive is the best mechanics in Canning Vale for car AC repair and maintenance.

5 Ways to Get the Maximum Cooling from Your Car AC

It's perfectly fine if your car’s AC is working well but in Perth when it’s not we soon knows and complains about it fast! Air Conditioning has become the Perth way of life, so how can we maximise getting the most out of the Air Conditioner in our car? Read on we have the top 5 tips to get better and faster cooling from your car’s AC.

1. Partially Open the Windows

In summer when you start the car and your journey it's better to leave a hot car’s windows partially open.  This is so the hot air can escape out of the vehicle. The Perth summer season is notoriously known for heating the insides of your car and filling it up with warm air. When you sit in the car to go on your journey and switch on the Aircon it will have to work on releasing a huge amount of heat before it even begins to cool down. However if you open the windows while the AC is switched on, hot air will escape through the gap. This makes the cooling much faster and reduces the work AC has to do.

2. Use the Recirculating Mode

When you switch on the car’s AC and after the car begins to cool down, always remember to use the recirculation mode too. Initially the recirculation mode will help the warm air escape faster. Warm air tends to rise with increasing temperature and escape through the vents. The recirculation mode will accelerate the process.

Once you have gotten rid of the warm air the same re circulating mode will circulate the cool air throughout the car.  The science is cool air being heavy settles on the floor. An external force that recirculates it will facilitate a uniform distribution and enable effective cooling.

3. Keep a Track on the Refrigerant Level

Sometimes you could be doing everything right and still your car Air Conditioner will fail to cool the temperature inside. This might be a sign of reduced refrigerant. These refrigerants cool the air coming out from the car aircon.

If you are testing the air conditioner on full heat (or cold) and the air coming out is still untreated (e.g. Lukewarm this could be a sign that your car AC needs repair or a Car aircon regas service.

Bring your car into AME Automotive and we can check for you. Get the refrigerant refilled on time and grab your car aircon regas service before the summer hits.  In a Car Aircon regas service we will also inspect all your car’s Air Conditioner equipment and refrigerant pipes. Damaged or leaky pipes can cause the refrigerant to drip out and disrupt the AC’s cooling even after getting the refrigerant refilled.

4. Clean the AC &Air Filters

When your car’s AC sits idle throughout the winter, spring or even when driving the car air filters and the AC collects a lot of dust. Make sure during any service these are pulled out and replaced (or at a minimum cleaned).

A clogged filter will be disrupt the flow of cool air and substantially reduce its speed. With the reduced airflow rate it will take a lot longer for the air conditioner to cool the car.

Also, since old and dirty filters force your aircon to work harder and push out the cool air, it will lead to a sharp increase in fuel consumption. To avoid this always get your trusted mechanic to inspect and replace the filters.

5. Park Smart!

So simple but the easiest way to make the most of your car’s Aircon is to park under shade.  It always sounds easier than it is as Parking around Perth and in the suburbs can be at a premium sometimes.  Most our mechanics would pick a steaming hot car if they can get a fast and easy parking spot without waiting.

Aiming for shade (where possible) and avoiding unnecessary heat will keep the temperature of your car low and the air conditioner working less to cool the air faster.

Pro Tip - How to take you’re parking to the next level.  If you have to park your car in the sun, can you park near shade and consider if it will cover your car if the sun moves in the right direction??  Remember if you don't get a shaded parking spot, keep the windows of your parked car just cracked (but not accessible) to enable air circulation (again providing you feel parking is secure and low threat) – Now is a good time to remind you NEVER to leave valuables in the car and ESPECIALLY in plain sight if you don’t want it broken into.

Wrapping Up

Driving around in the Perth Summer in a stinking hot car is ridiculously uncomfortable. Aa unserviced and slow Air Conditioner will only make matters worse. If you focus on even a couple of these top tips you will improve the performance of your car’s AC and ensure comfortable car rides even though this Perth summer.



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