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CCD-or CMOS-lab-on-a-chip based on discrete converters of different physical and chemical parameters of samples into the optical signals with positional sensitivity for morphometry of non-optical patterns
A novel ultra-compact analytical system for simultaneous analysis of a variety of physical and chemical parameters of different biological samples (medical or veterinary analytes, food, soil microbiota, hydrobiological water probes etc.) both in the field and laboratory conditions has been developed on the basis of a single multiparametric microchip with a set of replaceable cartridges / converters, which allows to perform a complex diagnostic procedure of the analyte. The prototypes of automatic microfluidic devices for multiparametric mapping of biochemical and synthetic analytes using planar converters-visualizers have been designed. We propose to use a lab-on-a-chip with a number of replaceable cartridges-converters of various physical parameters / variables to optical signals, which can be detected using CMOS or CCD, as a single analytic and microelectronic platform for mapping and visualization of different physical and chemical parameters. The above system allows to perform a simultaneous mapping, detection and visualization of a number of the sample characteristics, such as: magnetic field (using magnetic film indicators and flux-detectors); electrochemical parameters (potentiometric indicators); laser beam transmission outside the visible spectral range (using the doped solid matrices); distribution of the emitting regions in autoradiography (using the scintillation detectors with different quenching factors or "position-sensitive spinthariscopes"); polarization characteristics and the angular fluorescence polarization (using polaroid films with the rotation angles changed by the stepper motors); the local biothermogenesis temperature of the sample at different points on a chip (according to the NIR-HDRI thermography principles), etc.
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Oleg Gradov

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Spectrozonal Polarized Lens-Less Microscope (Gradov, 2011)

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