Spaceship Astrokick

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Spaceship game for kids



1x aluminium tube 20mmx1m

1x universal cord

1x Lego mini-figure

4x screws

Machines and tools:

3D printer to print the spaceship

Metal saw to cut the aluminium tube



Step 1 - Printing the spaceship

Print the several parts of the spaceship. This is going to take several hours per part.

  • Top part: 10h
  • Bottom part: 10h
  • Dome part: 1h

Step 2 - Cut the aluminum

While waiting for the spaceship to be printed cut the aluminum bar in 5 equal parts.

The first part will be used for the spaceship. The other parts will be used for the handles.

Step 3 - Prepare the handles

Take two of the tubes and cut the cord (1.5m) to create 2 handles. Pass the cord through the tube and make some rigid knots.

Step 4 - Assemble the spaceship

Take the bottom part and put the aluminium bar inside the concave. Then place the top part on the aluminium bar. Turn the spaceship around and screw the 4 screws inside the spaceship in order to join the pieces together.

Step 5 - Finishing up

Pass the two cords through the spaceship and create the same knots with the two other tubes for the handles.

Step 6 - Play!

Two people take the handles and start making the spaceship move from one person to the other as shown in the video. Make sure the cords are crossed so the spaceship can move properly.