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{{ {{tntn|Notes}}
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|Notes=Opensource design by [[Group:Fablab Leuven|FabLab Leuven]] : [https://www.fablab-leuven.be/ www.fablab-leuven.be]
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{{ {{tntn|Tuto Status}}

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Minion Photo Minion PP Fab14-3.png
Minion figurine, with lasercut cardboards.
Very easy
30 minute(s)
Play & Hobbies
2 EUR (€)
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License : Attribution (CC BY)


A cute project from the FabLab de Leuven, Belgium, presented at the FAB14 International Fablab Festival in Toulouse, France, in July 2018.


  • 1 cardboard sheet
  • 2 wood skewers


  • Laser cutting machine
  • Scissors

Step 1 - Lasercut the cardboard sheet

Download the minion.svg or minion.pdf file. Use the laser cutter to cut the piece out.

Step 2 - Fix the feet

Put up two skewers in the first piece of the Minion, number n°60.

Step 3 - Thread the pieces

Like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, thread the pieces one by one. Pile the pieces up.

Cut with the scissors the tip of the skewers that stick out the head, piece n°1.

Step 4 - End result

Well done, you created your Minion! Banana!

Notes and references

Opensource design by FabLab Leuven : www.fablab-leuven.be