Hot Water Systems and Maintenance

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Hot Water Systems and Maintenance


With the summer just around the corner, it's time to prepare your Hot Water System for the hot season ahead. Although summers aren't as stressful as winters on your Hot Water System, the hot and humid season comes with its own unique problems. Today Budget Plumbing will discuss the top 4 most common problems (and maintenance you can do) for Hot Water Systems!

Common Hot Water System Problems You Can Face In Summer

Sometimes our Hot Water Systems are can be overly problematic and just too far gone, if you are looking for a quality electric or gas hot water system, check out our collection of storage and instant hot water systems from the best bathroom suppliers Perth.

Gas and Electric hot water systems require equal care in summer as they do in winter to continue to provide warm water despite the increasing temperatures, as we come into the Perth summer, here are a few Hot Water System maintenance tips.

1. Adjusting Temperature Settings

The Perth cold winters sometimes require us to turn the temperature settings of the Hot Water System higher by a few degrees. After all, your Hot Water System has to fight off the West Australian cold snaps and work harder to produce hot water in the winter; this is especially true if you have a storage system.

Conversely in the hot Perth summer heating water doesn’t require extra effort to overcome scorching temperature differences. This can lead your heater to produce scalding hot water. Adjusting the temperature of your water heater lower will reduce the risk of burns and also decrease your utility bills.  Budget Plumbing Centre has many options for hot water systems in your home.

2. Excess Mineral Build-up

Summers often lead to a massive rise in overall water usage. If you are like my family who needs scalding hot water even during summers, then potentially your Hot Water System will be under a lot of pressure.

Frequent and increased usage will naturally increase the mineral build-up in the Hot Water System pipes (especially if you’re in a “hard water” area). This can reduce the flow of hot water, contaminate the water flowing out and negatively affect its functioning if left unattended for long periods of time.

A very easy solution is to frequently run maintenance on your Hot Water System and clear out the sediments/Mineral build up.   This all can be done by simply opening the pressure relief valve on your hot water system (usually you will have two of them to open).

3. Shortage of Warm Water

Did you know that summer increases the need for water in your household?  It sometimes seems counter intuitive, but summer brings with it more sweaty laundry and more frequent showers.  I have a storage system, two daughters and if your family is like mine we get 2-3 continuous showers and there is no more hot water left.

We are coming to the realisation that the only solution to this is to buy a bigger hot water storage system or switch to instantaneous hot water to keep up with demand. If your in the same position or your hot water system needs replacement, shop online or come in and have a chat about which system will be the best for your situation.

While you’re browsing the shop have a look at the new Bosch water heat pump.   Heat pumps are a new technology; they have a larger upfront cost but are highly energy efficient.  This hot water heat pumps reduces energy use by up to 65%!!   Did you know it is also eligible for generous government rebates? This hot water system has Smart Controls to:

–     Allow user to set operating time systems so I can turn on with your solar panels to optimise energy efficiency further.

–     Designed for easy and low-cost install and servicing.

4. Pilot Light Malfunctioning

The pilot light has a very crucial role to play in the functioning of your Hot Water System. When the hot water system is aging or when the outside temperature rises above the overall water temperature the pilot light can begin to malfunction and in turn this affects its ability to heat the water. I was pressure cleaning beside my gas storage hot water system and this blew out the pilot light. This meant the next day the family was not too impressed they had to have cold showers!

When choosing the location of your hot water system, a well-ventilated area is perfect and if you can protect it from wind gusts this will assist in keeping the pilot light working in tip top conditioning maximising your hot water systems life.

Budget Plumbing is happy to help - send us your plans and we can use our years of experience to help you at no obligation. 

Final Thoughts

It’s true, Hot Water Systems of every kind work well and last longer with regular maintenance. Budget Plumbing Centre is your local one stop shop for all your plumbing requirements with high-quality hot water systems that we stand by with top-notch customer service.

By looking out for these common problems and calling in a licensed plumber for the larger jobs will keep your Hot Water System up and running for many years to come.

If you have any questions about this article of you want to stop by for a coffee and chat about hot water systems, contact your local Budget Plumbing Centre.

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