Pandora vs Spotify in 2021

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This is a review about Pandora Premium VS Spotify. This will help you know which one is suitable for you to stream music.



Step 1 - Pandora Premium vs Spotify: Music Library

Spotify has a vast number of songs in its ever-growing music library, which already reaches 70 million tracks. While Pandora catalog in its existence having one to two million songs making it hard to prevail Spotify. Only Apple Music has managed to overcome Spotify on this aspect with other competitors still struggling with a little degree of success.

Spotify Premium also boasts of a wide range of remixes and covers which you can never find in Pandora Premium. However, both Spotify and Pandora Premium music library are comparable even though the fact remains Spotify holds the lead.

Step 2 - Spotify vs Pandora: Price

When it comes to the cost of Spotify and Pandora (or the subscription fee), both have almost the same rates. Both Spotify and Pandora cost $9.99 a month accompanied by a 60-day free trial. However, the only difference comes where Pandora offers 6 months free trial when Spotify gives only 30 days free trial to its new users.

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Step 3 - Spotify vs Pandora: How to Work

Pandora has a patented music database dubbed music genome project which uses a complex algorithm to search for an artist or songs. To use it you need to create a radio station first. The music genome project compiles information on tracks by first classifying them to a genre. Most songs have several attributes that help Pandora tell the similarities as well as differences between any two songs.

If you are a user you can customize your radio station by either giving thumbs up or thumbs down to tracks that are selected for you. You can share your station with your buddy. The badness is that linking to other songs is impossible with Pandora due to legality.

In the comparison of Spotify and Pandora, Spotify relies on a large music catalog of about 40 million songs to facilitate the discovery of new songs and beat traditional music players. There is also a fact that some countries restrict their artist from making deals with such music streaming Service companies. But users can still create a Spotify account and use any compatible device to stream music online.

Step 4 - Pandora vs Spotify: Restricts

Speaking of restrictions, here we mean the listening limit of both Spotify and Pandora, and even including other streaming music services like Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music. When referring to Spotify, it puts more obvious differences between its free and premium accounts to attract more users to subscribe to itself. For free users of Spotify, they are restricted to listen to the music online with ads and they can only shuffle the playlist with the mobile app. At the same time, paid users of Spotify are allowed to stream ad-free songs with much higher quality like 320 Kbps, as well as download any Spotify tracks including music, podcasts, and audiobooks, for offline listening.

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Step 5 - Another Tip: Download Spotify Music with Free Account

If you are using the free plan of Spotify and want to enjoy ad-free songs with the same quality as premium users, you can use a Spotify music downloader such as TunesKit Spotify Converter to extract and download Spotify playlist to MP3 losslessly. It works perfectly for both free and premium accounts of Spotify music on Mac and Windows computers.

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