Nutridome I SDG 11 I South Africa

Author avatarJessica Michelle Le Roux | Last edit 13/12/2020 by Jessica Michelle Le Roux

Nutridome is a collaboration between Siphiwe Ngwenya and Jessica Michelle Le Roux, the project set out to create a prototype of an affordable, hybrid hydroponic system which works off of an automated system which is connected to a smartphone application. The structure enables compact urban farming.


The prototype considers SDG 11's call by the United Nations. The project speaks to being self efficient in urban environments by enabling urban living with with the ability and ease of use and use of a 'smart vegetable garden. The idea is for the user to self sustain their families through the use of a compact hybrid hydroponic greenhouse structure which produces high yields, provides nutritious foods and reduces transportation of food produce.



Step 1 - Linking the LED Lighting

The idea in the design was to come up with an energy efficient solution which will enable plants to grow in varied environments.

The prototype is a controlled system linked to remote system.

Step 2 - Creating Hydroponic Pump System

This is a prototype illustration of the concept, the

Step 3 - Creating the Shell Structure

Step 4 - Setting up the Dome

Step 5 - Setting up the plants in the hydroponic system

Step 6 - Why consider a hydroponic system