Librem 5 Case Creating Community

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Until now, there is no announcement for Librem 5 cases, but a phone needs this protection. Also, a case manufacturer can never fully meet the expectations of all customers, because everybody has other preferences.

Have you ever seen a case with an epaper display, a solar cell, an led matrix, your favorite slogan, the logo of your (free software) community or even with a software defined radio? But it would be very cool to hav ea case with such features.

So don't wait for someone else to create your favorite phone case and get your own hands dirty!


  • time
  • ideas
  • people
  • glue


  • brain
  • internet connection
  • computing device, preferable with a free (as in freedom) operating system like GNU/Linux
  • email
  • Matrix
  • Inkscape
  • FreeCAD
  • GitLab
  • Wikifab

Step 1 - Develop your ideas

Step 2 - Visualize your ideas by creating mockups / concept arts and writing texts

Step 3 - Present your ideas to Purism and the community

Step 4 - Build your community by motivating the people and getting contributors

Step 5 - Improve the ideas and it's visualizations together with the community

Step 6 - Head for a cooperation with Purism

  • for advertisement and spreading the word on Purism's blog / news site and on social media
  • for resources, for example a 3d file of the outer shape of the phone or a basic case file

Step 7 - Develop the 3d printing files and circuits for the cases and share them with the growing community

Step 8 - Create your case