Librem 5 Case Creating Community

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  • time
  • ideas


  • brain
  • email
  • Matrix
  • internet connection

* brain

Step 1 - Develop your ideas

Step 2 - Visualize your ideas by creating mockups / concept arts and writing texts

Step 3 - Present your ideas to Purism and the community

Step 4 - Build your community by motivating the people and getting contributors

Step 5 - Improve the ideas and it's visualizations together with the community

Step 6 - Head for a cooperation with Purism

  • for advertisement and spreading the word on Purism's blog / news site and on social media
  • for resources, for example a 3d file of the outer shape of the phone or a basic case file

Step 7 - Develop the 3d printing files and circuits for the cases

Step 8 - Create your case

Notes and references

Hello World!