Japanese Coffee machine module for cargo bikes

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Japanese Coffee machine module for cargo bikes JapaneseCoffee.jpg
The Japanese way of coffee making is a process of creation, without needing to use fossil fuels. That's why we decided to put this concept in a module for cargo bikes, in the idea to transport more than only resources. --by Canal d'accroche
5 hour(s)
Energy, Food & Agriculture, ⧼wf-propertyvalue-area-Play & Outside⧽, ⧼wf-propertyvalue-area-Transport & Mobility⧽
120 EUR (€)
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Earlier we already build these kind of 15, 30 and 45cm modules with a lasercutting tool that can be found on our instructable or wikifab page, but because of the longer work we needed to put into it we decided to develope this time the modules with a CNC so we didn’t had all the detail work afterwords and had a more precies cut.

These modules are used in the project Canal d’Accroche in partnership with Vélo M2 where we design new functionalities for cargobikes that are interchangeable like an open air cinema module, a mobile fablab, …

In the three days we build 3 new modules that will be used as a public gardening module, a coffee module and a music module. We are discribing the Coffee module here.


Pliewood 240x120 cv, 10mm tickness -> best place in Molenbeek :

All plans of the module : mid 1, mid 2, Side 1, Side 2, Bottom, filling piece


CNC machine with a 50 x 70 cm worktable Woodmill 10mm

Skills Basic CNC handeling skills Precise work

Step 1 - Wikimal

All steps are described on the wiki of the iMal lab. Feel free to contribute through this website too.


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