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This tutorial introduces the method to upload Apple Music to Dropbox for backup or listening. This method needs TunesKit Audio Converter.


This tutorial introduce the method to upload Apple Music to Dropbox for backup or listening. This method needs TunesKit Audio Converter.



Step 1 - Download TunesKit Apple Music Converter

Apple Music songs are protected. Fortunately, with today's technology, you are just a few clicks away to get all protection-free music files by a tool such as TunesKit Apple Music Converter, which is a top-notch converting tool in the market. It supersedes other tools by integrating the fast and lossless converting technology plus multiple formats and device compatibility so as to promise the ultimate user experience. After the conversion, you can also play Apple Music on Google Drive or other clouds easily.

Step 2 - Import M4P music files

Please make sure you have already downloaded M4P protected music files to your computer first, then you can drag&drop to load them on TunesKit easily.

Step 3 - Set music format for Dropbox

Dropbox supports to upload of almost every kind of file, but not every format file is compatible with all players. If you are not sure which one is better, I would highly recommend you to just choose the MP3 format which is good for any device.

Step 4 - How to convert Apple Music to MP3

Click the Convert button. The software will start to convert the files. Then navigate to the Converted button to find out the converted files.

Step 5 - Login the Dropbox from computer

First, go to the Dropbox website on your browser. If it is the first time you use Dropbox, you can create a new Dropbox account or you can just sign in with a Google account. You will get 2GB of free space at the beginning.

Step 6 - Upload iTunes and Apple Music files

After logging in the Dropbox, you can drag your music files from your computer and drop them on the Dropbox main screen. Or click the 'Upload files' button to browse your music files. The uploading speed is super fast.

Step 7 - Login to Dropbox app on a Mobile

When it is done, the files will be synced to the cloud server and you can play or edit them by any device with the Dropbox app or website. Personally, I'd like to use the Dropbox mobile app, which makes the operation easier. Please download it first if you haven't done that before and then log in with the same account.

Notes and references

Learn more: https://www.tuneskit.com/apple-music-tips/transfer-itunes-apple-music-to-dropbox.html