De Wikifab

The founders

Clément Flipo is the co-founder and President of Wikifab. He drives the organization's vision and designs the Wikifab software to provide the best tool for people to share their creative skills. He is also in charge of developing projects with partners. Clément graduated with a Masters degree in Management from Reims Management School and École Centrale Paris. Clément supports the open hardware movement philosophy by making durable and affordable DIY furnitures that become alternatives to pricey designer home goods.

Pierre Boutet is the co-founder and CTO of Wikifab. He oversees the technical strategy of the organization, and is dedicated to building a team of engineers to keep the Wikifab software at the forefront. Pierre received a degree in Computer Science from INSA, an Engineering School based in Rouen. Pierre contributes to the open source community by voluntarily writing and exchanging programming code. Pierre makes DIY electronic projects since his childwood but he couldn't find a satisfying platform to share his projects before Wikifab.