De Wikifab

A non-profit organization

Wikifab is a non-profit organization based in France. Members support the organization with donations and volunteer participation in the design of the software and operation of the site.

Our financial resources are the donations, some public fundings, events that we organized and the benefits from economics activities such as merchandise (T-shirts, Pins, etc.). All profit from economic activities are reinvested in Wikifab. If financial resources are eventually sufficient, the organization might employ staff.

Advertising-free policy

Wikifab hosts content with economic potential, we don't intended to advertize or monetize this content. Our advert-free ethos is a vital part of the project because it gives us complete independence of manufacturers and brands, guaranteeing the neutrality of our tutorials.

A non profit for the Open Source economy

We want to provide the world with the proper know-how to make anything and make a small contribution to the emerging citizen-economy of open hardware. Wikifab's impact could be increase manyfold if we find a way for people to make a living out of making things themselves.

About the Wikifab software source code

The Wikifab software is developed collaboratively. The source code is released under an open source license and becomes a common good. You are free to download it, modify it and even distribute it!

Wikifab is made of multiple extensions for MediaWiki. MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. The source code of MediaWiki itself is released under the GNU General Public License. The new extensions that we have developed are released under the MIT license.

Follow this process to install Wikifab on your own server.