SoundCloud VS Spotify in 2021

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SoundCloud and Spotify both are very popular among music listeners. If you are wondering which one is better for you, you can check this review to get the information you need.



Step 1 - SoundCloud VS Spotify:Number of Listeners

SoundCloud has over 175 million listeners. SoundCloud's boost of users is possibly from a large number of independent music makers who want to build their music career.

Spotify boasts of 365 million users. Spotify has the broadest reach and its users spread over the world. And this will definitely make it more and more popular.  

Step 2 - Spotify VS SoundCloud: Pricing

SoundCloud producers are in to build a following and are not focused on monetization. They can afford to offer free content, which enables you to listen to their music and also upload recorded audio for a given duration. On the other hand, its premium plan is $9.99/month if you buy from its official website.

Spotify also provides free services and premium plans. Their premium plan is $9.99/month and a further family of six plan, for $14.99/month. So the price of both of them is evenly set.

Step 3 - SoundCloud VS Spotify: Artists

SoundCloud is more rooted in assisting musicians to establish their careers while introducing their music to listeners. Furthermore, it is leeway to sophisticated data that artists can use to attain better marketing strategies for their tracks. The additional comments section gives artists the freedom to express and market their albums while they interact with their fans.

Spotify is a music streaming service that works towards offering fans access to an unlimited genre of music. It actually gives artists the ability to make a living through different means. It has tools like Merchbar and Songkick that artists can integrate into their profile and aid in selling concert tickets.

Step 4 - Spotify VS SoundCloud: Music Quality

The deviation in both the free and premium Spotify lets you get to enjoy music to its fullest. The premium Spotify streaming quality is 160 kilobits per second. You can as well turn on the 'high-quality streaming' option to get up to 320 kbps. This lets you get better music quality with a higher kbps as you are able to stream more data.

For SoundCloud, its music quality of 128 kbps in MP3 format is good enough for most users. However, the recent slashing of its standard streaming rate to 64 kbps in Opus format has sent chills down the spinal cords of lots of users. In comparison to the former, the present 64 kbps in Opus reduces audio quality.

Step 5 - SoundCloud VS Spotify: Playlists

Spotify has over 20 million tracks in its library which you can access. Besides, its playlist comprises the latest hits and new songs from those artists you love. Furthermore, Spotify enables you to download playlists and also listen to them later even when you are offline if you subscribe to Spotify. It also kills boredom by enabling you to change the genres of the songs you listen to create a more appealing playlist according to your taste.

SoundCloud also lays lots of goodies on the table including its explore tab. This feature shows trending music that can be filtered relying on the music genre or tag constantly. You can also follow other fans with similar tastes and even be notified when they favorite a song. On the part, both of the 2 streaming music services can be your choices.  

Step 6 - Spotify VS SoundCloud: Offline Playback

When it comes to downloading songs for listening offline, both services support offline playback mode. However, unlike Spotify music that offers downloading service for paid users only, SoundCloud is providing the free subscribers the right to download some songs for free. So if you are a free user and have the need to download songs, then SoundCloud suits you more.

Since Spotify is protected in Ogg Vorbis, even premium users cannot listen to the offline tracks on multiple devices or MP3 players. And those download songs will expire when the Premium subscription ends or when Spotify has some unexpected errors. To download Spotify songs for playing on any device, you'll need Spotify downloading software like TunesKit Spotify Converter. With this smart application, you'll be able to download Spotify to MP3 even if you are using the free Spotify account. For more details, you can visit: How to Download Spotify Music as MP3 with Free Account.

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